Our Leadership

Position Name Chair of which committee
President Rob Teplitz
President-Elect Audrey Miner
Vice President Bruce Feldman
Vice President Aaron Krause Facilities
Financial Secretary Linda Stewart Special Membership
Treasurer Denyse Miskin Budget, Finance
Secretary Vacant
Immediate Past President Seth Mendelsohn Nominations
Trustee Andy Brown Security
Trustee Jill Family
Trustee Ari Nepon Endowment/Leave-a-Legacy
Trustee Chad Harvey Membership & Outreach
Trustee Marc Levy Publicity
Trustee Richard Sgrignoli
Trustee Dan Green
Trustee Reyna Jose Sisterhood President
Trustee Rachel Pinsker Social Action
Trustee Erika Saunders Religious School
Trustee Susan Symons

To get involved, please contact the temple office or our board president. We would love to have you! Details about our governance and operations, including descriptions of all of the committees, can be found in our bylaws.

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