Temple Ohev Sholom Seeks An Executive Director

Temple Ohev Sholom of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, is seeking candidates for the role of Executive Director.

The role of Executive Director at Temple Ohev Sholom involves managing the administrative and financial operations of the synagogue while providing leadership, strategic planning, and support to the Rabbi, staff, board of trustees, volunteers, and members. The Executive Director will oversee the daily operations of the synagogue, including managing the budget, fundraising, membership, human resources, facilities and communications. The successful candidate will have a background in nonprofit management, preferably in a Jewish organization, with experience in finance, fundraising, and strategic planning. They will also be an effective communicator and team player who can work collaboratively with staff, board members, congregants, volunteers, and community members. Other essential qualities include strong leadership skills, a commitment to Jewish values and culture, and the ability to inspire and engage the congregation through traditional and digital channels. The Executive Director should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and/or several years of relevant work experience, as well as excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

This position is posted on the National Association of Temple Administrators and Indeed. Please apply online through one of these channels.

Have questions or ideas about the search? We’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

Click here to read about the effort that Temple Ohev Sholom has put into determining the need, defining the role, and searching for an Executive Director.

History of Temple Ohev Sholom’s Executive Director Search

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